EdTechTools is a database of educational and skills development tools curated by EdTech Hub in partnership with Generation Unlimited (GenU), UNESCO, and UNESCO-UNEVOC. EdTechTools was designed to help decision-makers at all levels in the global education and training community find resources that facilitate and support remote learning.

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Tools for Personalised / adaptive learning paths

Tool Target levels Type of users Terms of use

3P Learning

Online learning resource and teacher support for mathematics, literacy, science


Online web-based education apps for blind, low vision, deaf and reading impaired learners

Antura and the Letters

Online/offline smartphone and desktop game to help literacy


Online education games for mathematics, language arts, typing and geography

Ardor Math

Online platform for maths learners with performance monitoring for teachers

Ascend Math

Online platform for special needs and non-special needs maths learners 


Online interactive games for reading, comprehension, geography 


Online maths and computer science learning software for distance learning


A commercial platform for online professional courses in Bangladesh


Online application with 50,000 lessons, tests, quizzes, and games to supplement learning


Online curated lessons for English, maths, science and critical thinking


A free Assistant for Every Teacher

Code It!

Online website teaching computer programming using kid-friendly material

Code Week

Online collection of computer programming resources in 10+ languages


Online web and mobile app for language learning across 30+ languages

Feed the Monster

Online mobile game for learning Arabic available in 25 languages

Khan Academy

One of the world's largest platforms for learning content, and completely free

Leap Learning Apps

Online/offline apps and games for literacy, numeracy, logic and more

Leap Learning Apps

Online/offline apps and games for literacy, numeracy, logic and more

Learn Smart Pakistan

Online web and mobile lessons and games across maths, science and English


A commercial American platform offering ICT, creative and business skills


A world where children everywhere are learning with understanding


Free Education for Everyone

Purple Mash

Online web-based activities across maths, science, English, history and more

Number of Tools: 211