Education Tools

Tools for Early childhood and pre-primary education

3P Learning

3P Learning offers a suite of learning resources designed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, science. Software is also made to support teachers in a distance learning setting, allowing for them identify and send specific activities or assignments, track engagement and performance, and send feedback.

Abracadabra (ABRA)

Abracadabra (ABRA) is an online toolkit composed of phonics, fluency and comprehension activities based around a series of age-appropriate texts. ABRA offers both online and offline versions of its content which targets early literacy learners. Abracadabra Lite is designed to build foundational literacy skills, whilst READS is an organised catalogue of hundreds of multinational digital […]

African Storybook

Open access to picture storybooks in 200 different languages, organized around themes and collections and focused on young children. The platform also allows for users to make their own new picture story book, translate and existing story, or adapt it to a different reading level.

All Kids Network

All Kids Networks offers free educational resources, worksheets, writing prompts, themed coloring pages, craft and activity ideas for parents, teachers and caregivers. All materials are searchable by grade-level, subject, and themes.


Ashabona teaches Arabic and geography through interactive educational games. Students choose from a number of reading and comprehension exercises, as well as creative writing and educational games. ‎Teachers can use the platform to assess skill acquisition and track performance of their students.


Beanstalk provides interactive pre-primary video lessons, developed by early childhood development specialists. Lessons cover a wide range of subjects and are meant for home learning. Beanstalk is offering an extended free trial during the COVID outbreak.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education provides content, ready-to-use digital lessons, collaboration tools, and professional learning resources to give educators the tools to facilitate instruction and create a lasting educational impact in any learning environment. Its K-12 learning platform is an online repository of content. Its COVID-19 response includes provision of a collection of resources regarding the coronavirus targeted […]


Duolingo is an application which supports language learning across an extensive base of target languages.Duolingo lessons adapt to personalised learning styles. Grading is immediate and gamification is integrated in order to promote motivation. Its content is curriculum-aligned and is based on a methodology which aims to foster long-term retention.

Feed the Monster

Feed the Monster was developed with the aim to help Arabic-speaking children learn to read. It was launched 2017 by the non-profit foundation Curious Learning and has since developed 25 localised language versions of the game. It is an open-source app that uses gamification to teach basic literacy skills.

Global Digital Library

The Global Digital Library (GDL) hosts digital storybooks and other reading materials easily accessible from mobile phones or computers and available in 43 languages. All GDL resources are free and available in digital and print-ready form. Translation of books can be crowdsourced, furthering the reach of these materials.

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