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Alison hosts over 1,500 free online courses developed by topic experts for adult learners. These include courses on humanities, business, ICT, language proficiency, marketing, software development, operations, finance, and more.

Ardor Math

Ardor Math offers differentiated math practice activities and an automatic teacher grade book to monitor student performance. The platform (developed by a math teacher) creates a personalized learning pathway, including feedback, for students based on their own skill levels. Its teacher dashboard provides real-time performance data.

Ascend Math

Ascend Math is a personalized online math instruction platform, providing adaptive study plans unique to each learner. The platform includes modules for math learning across primary, secondary, and higher education levels, as well as specialized modules for students with special needs and English language learners. Teachers also have the ability to assign standards to an […]

Canvas Network

Canvas network provides a catalogue of free virtual courses for teachers in order to support lifelong learning and professional development. Courses offered include a wide range of subject areas and allow for learners to take learning at their own pace.


Century provides personal learning pathways for learners through curated lessons to address gaps in knowledge and pinpoint and address misconceptions for individual learners. The platform also provides teachers with performance tracking, automated marking, and recommendation on when students need additional support. Parents, caretakers, and school administrators can also receive feedback on their learners performance.

Code It!

Code it! is a website which teaches basic programming concepts through online courses, live webinars and other kid-friendly material. Code it! is designed for independent learning at home, as well as for use at school. It uses gamification to make content engaging. Online courses and webinars are designed for children from the age of 9. […]


Online courses for adults taught by instructors from well-recognised universities and companies. Courses are available individually, or as part of specialisations, diplomas, and degrees.


Duolingo is an application which supports language learning across an extensive base of target languages.Duolingo lessons adapt to personalised learning styles. Grading is immediate and gamification is integrated in order to promote motivation. Its content is curriculum-aligned and is based on a methodology which aims to foster long-term retention.


Edraak provides Arabic language online education with open resources for school learners and teachers. Learning content includes K-12 for school-aged learners as well as Continuous Learning courses for adults.


A variety of resources for K-12 education in Arabic, targeting students, parents and teachers.

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