Education Tools

Tools for Technical and vocational education and training


Alison hosts over 1,500 free online courses developed by topic experts for adult learners. These include courses on humanities, business, ICT, language proficiency, marketing, software development, operations, finance, and more.


Cell-Ed is a cloud-based training and communications platform that delivers learning content to basic mobile devices (no internet required). Content includes personalised and customisable courses, surveys, assessments. Learners listen to audio lessons and respond via text to show comprehension or talk and text with automated and live coaches. Learner engagement, progress and completion is tracked […]

Code It!

Code it! is a website which teaches basic programming concepts through online courses, live webinars and other kid-friendly material. Code it! is designed for independent learning at home, as well as for use at school. It uses gamification to make content engaging. Online courses and webinars are designed for children from the age of 9. […]


Online courses for adults taught by instructors from well-recognised universities and companies. Courses are available individually, or as part of specialisations, diplomas, and degrees.


Duolingo is an application which supports language learning across an extensive base of target languages.Duolingo lessons adapt to personalised learning styles. Grading is immediate and gamification is integrated in order to promote motivation. Its content is curriculum-aligned and is based on a methodology which aims to foster long-term retention.


EdX offers over 2500 higher education courses from global academic institutions. Courses can be taken in an “audit track” for free, or for a fee if the course is part of a degree program or certificate.

European Schoolnet Academy

The European Schoolnet Academy offers free online professional development courses for teachers. Users also have access the Academy’s TeachMeet platform, an informal virtual meeting setting where participants give short presentations on some aspect of education, related to a course topic.


Funzi is a mobile-platform which partners with content providers to create mobile-friendly courses for teaching and training large groups of professional learners.

Future Learn

Future Learn offers online courses for adults developed by subject-area experts and academics, focused on building professional skills and career development. In addition to coursework, the platform offers learners the opportunity to connect with each other as well as learn from course experts through videos, articles, and discussions.


iCourse offers a wide range of higher education courses from Chinese and American academic institutions at no cost.

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