Education Tools

Tools for Administrators


Century provides personal learning pathways for learners through curated lessons to address gaps in knowledge and pinpoint and address misconceptions for individual learners. The platform also provides teachers with performance tracking, automated marking, and recommendation on when students need additional support. Parents, caretakers, and school administrators can also receive feedback on their learners performance.


ClassDojo connects teachers with students and parents in virtual classroom communities. Teachers can share messages and content through “class story” (a classroom-wide feed) and are also able to provide individual feedback on student performance to learners and parents directly. Students can create learning portfolios using photos and videos. These features can be used to disseminate […]

Code Week

EU Code Week celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. It aims to make programming more visible, show learners how to bring ideas to life with code, and demystify coding. EU Code Week is fully volunteer-run and was launched in 2013. It contains a list of online resources to teach […]


Edmodo offers tools and resources to manage classrooms and engage students remotely. It allows teachers and administrators to send messages, share materials and assignments, and provide feedback to both learners and parents. Students and parents can also use the platform to communicate directly with teachers. In response to COVID-19, Edmodo has developed a distance learning […]

KCPE Revision

KCPE Revision is a tool developed by eLimu providing learners with thousands of virtual lessons directly tied to the Kenyan primary school curriculum as well as practice KCPE assessments. Students can take hundreds of past KCPE assessments going back to the year 2000. Scores are provided instantly, and learners can compare their results with their […]


Kolibri is an open-source educational platform and toolkit designed to provide offline access to a wide range of openly licensed educational contents for low-resource communities. Kolibri is built to run on a lightweight local server which can connect with a variety of mobile operating systems (Windows, Linux and OSX). It sources content from a growing […]


Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.


XuetangX is a MOOC platform for higher education in China. It is provided by a collection of universities on different subjects in Chinese and English. XuetangX Cloud is an online platform powered by Open edX code which offers site building, course authoring, blended learning, study follow-up and assessment.