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Tools which are Paid


Ashabona teaches Arabic and geography through interactive educational games. Students choose from a number of reading and comprehension exercises, as well as creative writing and educational games. ‎Teachers can use the platform to assess skill acquisition and track performance of their students.


BYJU’s is a learning application with large repositories of educational content tailored for different grades and learning levels. Launched in 2015, BYJU’S offers personalised, curriculum-aligned learning programmes for classes 1 – 12 (K-12). Adaptive, iterative assessments help identify gaps in understanding and recommend appropriate videos to supplement learning.


Cell-Ed is a cloud-based training and communications platform that delivers learning content to basic mobile devices (no internet required). Content includes personalised and customisable courses, surveys, assessments. Learners listen to audio lessons and respond via text to show comprehension or talk and text with automated and live coaches. Learner engagement, progress and completion is tracked […]


Century provides personal learning pathways for learners through curated lessons to address gaps in knowledge and pinpoint and address misconceptions for individual learners. The platform also provides teachers with performance tracking, automated marking, and recommendation on when students need additional support. Parents, caretakers, and school administrators can also receive feedback on their learners performance.


Online courses for adults taught by instructors from well-recognised universities and companies. Courses are available individually, or as part of specialisations, diplomas, and degrees.

Eneza Education

Eneza Education offers learning material via basic feature phones, providing revision materials to learners in Africa, especially those from underserved and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Using its own learning platform, Eneza produces and disseminates revision materials (via SMS/USSD, Web and Telegram) which adapts to learners performance and learning abilities. Learners are able to review content aligned […]


Funzi is a mobile-platform which partners with content providers to create mobile-friendly courses for teaching and training large groups of professional learners.


KaiOS software gives smartphone capabilities to inexpensive mobile phones and helps open portals to learning opportunities. Includes the “Life” app which equips first-time internet users with tools and resources in digital skills, health, education, gender equality, agriculture, finances, and more.

KCPE Revision

KCPE Revision is a tool developed by eLimu providing learners with thousands of virtual lessons directly tied to the Kenyan primary school curriculum as well as practice KCPE assessments. Students can take hundreds of past KCPE assessments going back to the year 2000. Scores are provided instantly, and learners can compare their results with their […]

Paper Video

Paper video offers supplemental instruction and exam review support through interactive subject guides and video lessons for higher school students in South Africa. Thousands of video lessons are available, taught by experienced South African educators and tied to past exam questions and curriculum. Students can find videos by browsing the online platform, or through an […]

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