EdTechTools is a database of educational and skills development tools curated by EdTech Hub in partnership with Generation Unlimited (GenU), UNESCO, and UNESCO-UNEVOC. EdTechTools was designed to help decision-makers at all levels in the global education and training community find resources that facilitate and support remote learning.

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A commercial platform for online professional courses in Bangladesh

British Council English



Online application with 50,000 lessons, tests, quizzes, and games to supplement learning

Campus Romero

Professional paid courses in Spanish


Academic and professional courses in Hebrew, Arabic and English

Canal Educação

Distance education targeting the most distant communities with curricular and vocational programmes

Canvas Network

Online courses for teachers across a range of subjects

Capacitate para el empleo

Free online vocational and professional courses in Spanish, Portuguese and English

Careerforce / Aka Toi

New Zealand based organisation that offers face to face and online skill trainings for health workers


Free basic and foundational skills for adults

Centre for ICT in Educagion

Continuous training for Moldavan teachers


Online curated lessons for English, maths, science and critical thinking

China United Training

Vocational and technical trainings in Chinese

China University MOOC (iCourse163)

China University Mooc offers free MOOCs organised by Chinese universities

China vocational training online

Free vocational and skills trainings in Chinese

Chisholm free TAFE courses

Free and paid courses on several vocational subjects


A free Assistant for Every Teacher


A listing and search engine of worldwide MOOCs


Online and mobile app for teachers to share classroom content and track student performance

CNAM Distance Education

CNAM offers distance and hybrid professional and technical trainings

Code It!

Online website teaching computer programming using kid-friendly material

Code Week

Online collection of computer programming resources in 10+ languages


Technical and professional online trainings in Spanish, offered by the government of Mexico


One of the largest MOOC providers, Coursera offers online courses in many disciplines


Commercial platform offering professional trainings in Spanish

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