EdTechTools is a database of educational and skills development tools curated by EdTech Hub in partnership with Generation Unlimited (GenU), UNESCO, and UNESCO-UNEVOC. EdTechTools was designed to help decision-makers at all levels in the global education and training community find resources that facilitate and support remote learning.

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Tool Target levels Type of users Terms of use

Indo-Bhutan e-Library

Downloadable content for primary and secondary learners in Bhutan

IÐAN fræðslusetur

Icelandic organisation offering a number of paid distance courses in skilled trades


For-profit MOOC provider with a focus on art, music and creative technology


Mobile operating system for education and digital skills through dumb phones

KCPE Revision

Online web and mobile virtual lessons in maths, science, religious education and more

Khan Academy

One of the world's largest platforms for learning content, and completely free

Kiron Campus

Free online platform targeting refugees and underserved communities


Open source offline and online learning management system with access to open educational resources


To Help Children Learn


Open resources for higher education and professional development

Leap Learning Apps

Online/offline apps and games for literacy, numeracy, logic and more

Leap Learning Apps

Online/offline apps and games for literacy, numeracy, logic and more

Learn English Kids: British Council

Online web content and resources for English reading, writing and comprehension

Learn Smart Pakistan

Online web and mobile lessons and games across maths, science and English


Online/offline videos and teacher resources for multiple subjects across many languages

Learner’s Block

A free, open source project that lets individuals and organisations provide their educational resources, websites and apps to users offline.

Linkedin Learning

Linkedin's own commercial learning platform, part of which consisting of Linkedin's Lynda content

Lumen Learning

Higher education open resources aimed primarily at teachers


A commercial American platform offering ICT, creative and business skills


One of the largest repositories of open educational resources

meseria mea

Moldovan free online training for chefs, tailors and electricians in Romanian

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft's own free platform on the Microsoft ecosystem


A world where children everywhere are learning with understanding


Spanish and Portuguese language MOOCs


Free MOOCs for development designed for low-bandwidth and offline usage

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