EdTechTools is a database of educational and skills development tools curated by EdTech Hub in partnership with Generation Unlimited (GenU), UNESCO, and UNESCO-UNEVOC. EdTechTools was designed to help decision-makers at all levels in the global education and training community find resources that facilitate and support remote learning.

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Tool Target levels Type of users Terms of use

Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes provides tutors and training for individuals in conflict-affected areas


Freemium platform with offline capability that offers South African secondary grade content

Passport to Success Traveler

Free platform that offers life skills such as financial literacy


Commercial platform in Spanish that offers professional trainings


Commercial platform that offers IT and creative courses

Polimi Open Knowledge

Free professional and academic courses in English and Italian


Free and paid online courses on starting businesses, SMEs and women entrepreneurship

Professional online education platform

Paid and free online professional courses in Chinese

Purple Mash

Online web-based activities across maths, science, English, history and more


An opensource communication platform

Read To Me App

Online/offline library of ebooks for maths reading, literacy, and comprehension

REPTO – Education Center

A commercial online platform that offers professional courses


Very short courses on transferable and life skills


Free, Khan Academy like school and skills courses in Urdu

Saylor Academy

Free open online courses on professional and college levels


Online platform for teachers to create and deliver lessons, as well as track performance


Online platform of learning resources for students, allowing teachers to track performance 

Shikkokh Batayan (Teacher Education)



Feature phone-based platform to deliver content to underprivileged learners in Eastern Africa

Skill Academy

An Indonesian commercial provider of professional skills


Free technical trainings

Skills Academy

A commercial provider of professional skills

Skills Master Online Training Platform

Paid courses in skilled trades in Chinese


Free content to develop entry-level technology skills


Openly licensed employment skills

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